Weekly Recap

A summary of what I’ve been working on for the past week.

Christian Mills


March 22, 2021


Well I haven’t got around to trying to make daily recaps. I actually didn’t even remember that I was thinking about that until I start writing this post. I made a note on my white board so I don’t forget tomorrow. On the plus side I managed to complete three tutorial posts over the weekend which I think is a record for me.

End-to-End Style Transfer Tutorial Addendum

I completed the follow up post I mentioned in the last recap post covering how to use the video style transfer model that I had been experimenting instead of the model used in the main tutorial. I don’t recommend using the video model over the one from the tutorial but the instructions are there now for anyone interested.

Crop Image on GPU

I had worked out how to efficiently crop images in Unity with a GPU while working on my PoseNet tutorial. I didn’t end up using it as I decided to just squish the camera input into a square instead. However, this might not always be ideal so I decided to document how in case I need it in the future.

Flip Image with Compute Shaders

I also worked out how to flip images using Compute Shaders while working on my PoseNet tutorial. Again, I ended up not using it in the tutorial. I realized after the fact that I could just flip the output of the model instead. This is much less work than flipping the whole image.

I had actually started to write a tutorial for this a while ago but ended up scrapping it. For some reason, Google still picked up the page and someone apparently tried to view it recently. I felt bad that there was nothing but a 404 page waiting for them so I ended up making this over weekend as well.