Notes on Making Money as a Freelance Developer

My notes on some tips for making money as a freelance developer by Luke Ciciliano on freeCodeCamp.

Christian Mills


December 16, 2021


I decided to watch this video published by freeCodeCamp on business tips for freelance developers. Below are some notes I took while watching.

Characteristics of a Freelance Developer

  • Should be self-motivated
  • Should not need structure provided for you
  • Must be able to self-impose deadlines
  • Must be able to handle distractions

Standing Out From Other Freelance Developers

  • You are not a developer, you are a problem solver
  • Phrase your capabilities in the context of the problem a potential client needs to be solved
  • Do not use technical jargon
  • Be an active listener
  • Do not talk about your specific technical skills
  • Talk about how you are able to address the client’s needs

How to Sell Your Services

Initial Meeting

  • Make sure you are in an appropriate venue
    • Example: Don’t do sales calls while driving
    • Make sure you are in a location that you can take business calls during business hours
  • Identify the potential client’s problems
  • Take time to understand the client’s business
    • What do they do?
    • How do they normally operate?
    • What are their typical customers like?
    • What are their goals?
    • What are some unique characteristics?


  • Incorporate the knowledge gained from the initial meeting into a proposal for their unique needs
  • Spell out specifically what you are going to do in a contract


  • Describe the features in your proposal and how they address the client’s needs
  • Describe the problems you identified
  • Describe what you are going to do about those problems
  • Describe how what you are going to do will address those problems

Where to Sell Your Services

Networking Events

  • Go to networking events where the attendees are not other developers
    • Example: Networking events with small business owners from wide range of fields
    • It is easier to get clients when you are the only developer in the room
    • Business Network International
      • Do not rely on it as a single source of business.

Third Party Services


  • Lots of traffic


  • Lower profits
  • Have to pay to get the lead

Personal Website

  • Build website in a way that tells them you will listen to and address their specific needs
  • Can promote through pay per click ads
    • Can get expensive
    • Avoid ad-word management services