Notes on Finding Software Engineering Job Openings

My notes from Mayuko Inoue’s video on finding software engineering job openings.

December 16, 2021


Here are some notes I took while watching Mayuko’s video on finding software engineering job openings.

Note: Finding a job takes time.

Job Websites

  • Companies tend to have a jobs place
  • LinkedIn is really saturated with candidates
    • It’s also expensive for companies to post jobs on there
  • It is best to look where others are not
  • It is recommended to find the job id listing on these sites and then go to the company’s careers page and apply directly
    • Will have more specific information and questions that you need to fill out to apply
    • Makes the recruiter’s life easier
  • For jobs that really interest you, find the actual Hiring Manager for that job and reach out personally
    • Go on the companies website and search the list of employees
  • Can also search LinkedIn using search terms “we’re hiring” or “join our team”


  • When a friend, colleague, or acquaintance refers or recommends you for a job
    • A more legitimate connection
  • Referrals often get to “skip the line” of applications
  • Still needs to go through the hiring manager
  • Referrals carry a lot of weight
    • Make sure you ask the right person for a referral

Recruitment Events

  • Worth the time
  • Recruiters and hiring managers put in a lot of effort into the events
    • Very concerned about ROI
  • Be ready to present yourself