Daily Recap

A summary of what I worked on today.

Christian Mills


March 23, 2021


Well I didn’t actually have much time for anything other than homework today, but I did manage to work on a little bit. I want to clear out some smaller projects on my list before updating the PoseNet tutorial.

Working With the Blender Python API

I’ve started cleaning up the code for the small motion graphics I made with the Blender Python API. The code was basically scratch paper so there was a lot to clean up. I found using arrays and for loops to set up a bunch of keyframes to be a lot easier. I’ll try to make posts going through full code for both of the motion graphics this week.

Compute Shader Course

I purchased the compute shader course on Udemy that I listed in the last weekly recap. Udemy was running one of their big sales so I got it for $11.99. I have only used compute shaders for basic image operations so far and I would like to learn how to do more. I have not come across many resources explaining how to fully utilize compute shaders so I’m looking forward to the course. I plan to make some tutorials based on what I learn from the course as well.