Notes on Creating Pitch Decks

My notes from Justin Kan’s video on tips for pitching startups to investors.

December 28, 2021


Here are some notes I took while watching Justin Kan’s video covering tips for pitching startups to investors.


Explain in simple terms that can be quickly consumed.

  1. Have a good framing of the problem. Assume the reader knows nothing about the problem or related field. Maybe describe a typical situation for a user.

  2. Present yourself as the experts who can solve this problem.

  3. Describe your solution by walking through a simple and clean user journey. What is the killer feature that distinguishes your solution.

  4. Traction: What is the existing interest/usage for the solution? Revenue, profit, active users.

  5. Pitch the biggest vision that you can. Why is this going to change the world? What would the world look like when you are successful? Goes at the end of the presentation.

  6. Have a clean deck design. Does not need to be fancy.

10/20/20 Rule

  • Ten slides

    1. Problem
    2. Your Solution
    3. Business Model
    4. Underlying magic/technology
    5. Marketing and sales
    6. Competition
    7. Team
    8. Projections and milestones
    9. Status and timeline
    10. Summary and call to action
  • Twenty MInutes

    • Finish your presentation within twenty minutes even if you have an hour time slot.
  • Thirty-point font

    • Helps the readers focus on listening to you instead of reading the slides.