I went back and watched the talk Andrew Price (Blender Guru) gave at Blender Conference 2018 on how A.I. will change the 3D industry. This time, I decided to take some notes.

Question to consider: What is not going to change in the next 10 years?

Assets are unreasonably expensive

Creating a building Asset:

  • Modeling: 12 hours
  • Texturing: 10 hours
  • First Pass total: 22 hours
  • Revisions: x2-3

Problem: static workflows

Solution: procedural workflows

Machine Creep

Traditional Software: input (e.g. photo) → action (filter) → output

Machine Learning: input (e.g. photo) → assess → appropriate action → compare → is it good? → output

  • Needs huge datasets and fast hardware

Machine Learning Use Cases

  • De-noising
  • Super resolution
  • Motion Capture
  • Animation
    • Mode-adaptive Neural Networks for motion control

Machine-Assisted Creativity

Not in Presentation

Other Applications

How A.I will affect the art industry

Takeaway: AI will handle more and more of the tedious manual work that humans don’t like doing (or is extremely time consuming)

This will reduce the cost of production, enabling more productions overall